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The latest threat to the forests.

· Legislative Assembly Committee on Environment and Planning inquiry: "Sustainability of energy supply and resources in NSW."  SERCA submission

· Biomass Fact Sheet Click

· The Australian Government (since June 2015) allows native forest wood burning to be classified as "Renewable Energy" to qualify for subsidies under the Renewable Energy Target.

Australia turns back to the Dark Ages of Energy Production. Statement from Australian Forests and Climate Alliance http://www.forestsandclimate.org.au/

· ABC RN Background Briefing Program: A burning question, Sunday 19 July 2015 Burning native timber for renewable energy could prop up an ailing native forest industry, but the forests could earn millions in carbon credits if they’re not logged. Both options are hotly disputed and the argument opens a new front in the long running and politically-charged ‘forest wars’. Gregg Borschmann investigates.http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/backgroundbriefing/a-burning-question/6616386

The Warburton report, “Renewable Energy Target Scheme - Report of the Expert Panel” (RET) recommended subsidies for burning native forest wood and calling it “renewable energy.” Chipstop media statement, report
· The dirtiest, dearest and deadliest way ever devised to produce large scale electric power is now officially “renewable” in NSW.
On 7 March 2014, then NSW Energy Minister Anthony Roberts (foreshadowed on 11 July 2013), announced removal of the ban on burning native forest logging "waste" for electricity generation. Whole trees, including species not currently logged for woodchips can be logged for burning.  Read the regulation

Tell State Government Ministers what you think at: http://www.change.org/en-AU/petitions/nsw-premier-and-ministers-please-retain-the-present-ban-on-burning-native-forests-for-electricity

Chipstop Media Statement  John Kaye's Guide to writing your submission. click Closing period for comments was 20 August 2013. Chipstop submission on the draft Regulation click

A motion to disallow the NSW regulation was defeated in the NSW Parliament on May 7th 2014

SEFE's application for a wood fired power station is OFFICIALLY a dead duck. The application was withdrawn on 27 November 2012
It's official

It was third time lucky for the chipmill on 7 February when the Bega Valley Shire Council has approved the Development Application for a wood pellet plant.
The first approval was invalidated by the Land and Environment Court. The second attempt failed because the chipmill had not supplied noise and emissions data, as required by the State Office of Environment and Heritage.
SERCA published a half page advertisement in all shire newspapers in an effort to focus the attention of Councilors on the historic importance of their decision.
 CEO Peter Mitchell said on 21 November 2012 that the pellet plant would not proceed beyond the pilot stage.

Pellet Plant approval "Invalid".
On 16 December 2011, the Land and Environment Court declared the Bega Valley Shire Council approval of the chipnill pellet plant invalid. Read the Judgement
Bega Valley Shire Councillors
on 12th June 2011 approved a wood pellet plant at the Eden chipmill.
Ask them why?

Submission points for the pellet plant proposal.
Letter in Word format
Points to make in your submission (Word)
Points to make in your submission (PDF)

Development Application to the Bega Valley Shire Council for a pellet plant. Cover sheet page 1 page 2

◄Notes for submission writers to the Minister for Planning
◄26 March 2010
The National Interest. ABC RN The burning issue of bio-energy hits Eden Peter Mitchell CEO SEFE and Harriett Swift
Final Environmental Assessment by URS Australia March 2010
Letter from ACCC in reponse to complaint by John Kaye MP
SEFE media statement on ACCC response 1 Oct 09
John Kaye MLC. Media statement 1 Oct 09Greens NSW MPEden woodchip mill backs down on Green Power claims
Below- Photo of "waste wood" suitable for burning as "biofuel" published in a National Association of Forest Industries (NAFI) leaflet

On 19 December 2012, Nippon Paper told SEFE to shut the pellet plant. It was a failure. more

Victory! On 19 March 2012 the House of Representatives failed to approve a motion from Rob Oakeshott MP which would have subsidised burning native forest wood as renewable electricity. more

It's official! The chipmill wood fired power station will release too much dioxin. more

Eden chipmill plans to build a power station burning native forest wood to generate electricity are threatened by the carbon tax package decision to make native forest wood ineligible for Renewable Energy Certificates. General Manager, Peter Mitchell originally outlined details at a Public Forum at the Bega Valley Shire Council on 26 August 2008 of plans to generate electricity from chipmill mill “waste”.
The SEFE plan was to supply electricity to power the chipmill and feed the excess into the grid.

Without a million tonnes of woodchipping a year there would be no "waste."

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Conditions sought by Bega Valley Shire Council
URS Australia engaged to prepare EIS
SEFE leaflet, p.1, p.2
Wood fired power and WWF

Power station specifications Woodchip power as renewable energy Green Power Toxic emissions and human health What is waste? Media

Department of Planning approval process and documents
The Process:  South East Fibre Exports has been issued with Director-General Requirements (DGRs) under section 75F of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act (EP&A Act).  These are available on the Department's website and are valid for 2 years from the date of issue, 29 March 2009. Submissions on the power station
Details of the processes for application and public submissions are provided under section 75H of the EP&A Act. 

  •  the proponent must submit a draft Environmental Assessment (EA) which will be reviewed for adequacy.  After the EA has been accepted, it is then to be made publicly available (advertised in the local paper and on Department's website) for a period of at least 30 days during which any person (including a public authority) may make a written submission to the Director-General concerning the proposal.
  • "Key Dates and Other Information" is a sub-heading on the Department's websitehttp://majorprojects.planning.nsw.gov.au/index.pl?action=view_job&job_id=2914  It contains details such as address, project application number, local government area etc.  At this stage, it shows the date the DGRs were issued (29.03.09).  It will be further updated if/when the proponent submits an EA.
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Quote from Ian Barnes, former Regional Manager Forests NSW South Coast Region ABC SE Regional radio 21 October 2010:
do you foresee the day when there will be an end to the conflict over logging native forests?
IB: Yes, I do. There will be an end to it when most Australians understand the system sufficiently and the energy crisis gets to the point where we have to rely on solar driven energy industries and forestry is one of them. Just the fact that we've got trees out there that collect energy and convert it to stored energy that we can use is a huge piece of capital that Australians have yet to seriously think about..... it'll take a few years yet.

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