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15 May 2024
David and Goliath Court Victory NSW Supreme Court of Appeal allows SEFR's Appeal against Forestry Corporation NSW SEFR statement
10 April 2024 Open letter to NSW Premier Chris Minns to end logging in public native forests and koala habitat.Published in Sydney Morning Herald.
24 March 2024 March in March Address to Bega Rally
19 February 2024
Bega Valley Mayor’s plan to increase native forest logging - Address to council  - How Councillors voted - Council minutes
10 January 2024 Federal Court ruling fails NSW’s threatened and endangered species (NCC statement)


23 May 2023 SERCA welcomes Victorian budget decision to hasten end to native forest logging.
23 March 2023 “New research finds small mammals thriving and increasing in Eden State forests”
13 March 2023
Time to end native forest logging: voters don’t want it and don’t need it
9 March 2023 Interview on Ernst and Young report:
“Economic Contribution Study of the NSW hardwood timber industry”ABC SE: interview  EY Report
7 March 2023 What could $1.74M a year do for the Bega Shire community? [Nature Conservation Council]

26 February 2023
High time to vote for stronger action climate and the environment [South East Climate Alliance]


13 December 2022 Total logging up 170% and woodchip logging up 270%. Talking points
30 November 2022 Eden chipmill owner reports a $60,453,885 profit

21 October 2022 Big Bad Biomass day. International Day of Action  Photo
16 September 2022 NSW Government backs dangerous logging of native forests
8 September 2022 NSW biggest native forest logger loses sustainability certification

1 September 2022 Federal Government must reject burning native forest wood as “renewable” energy
29 August 2022 A "conservationist" view of our forests?
28 March 2022
Free Climate Action Now yard signs and stickers give voice to Eden-Monaro locals
21 March 2022
Let's mark International Day for Forests with an end to native forest logging


30 November 2021 Forestry Corporation declares $20M loss on native forest logging
26 November 2021 Leaked Government report signals an end to native forest logging
18 November 2021 More multi-million dollar gifts from taxpayers to the logging industry Letter to the editor, BDN, Merimbula News Weekly, Eden Magnet
20 October 2021 Harriett Swift address to BVSC on Eden chipmill decision,
14 September 2021 Address to Public Forum, Bega Valley Shire Council on
(10-2020-81-1) Timber Optimisation Hub
7 September 2021
Chipmill expansion approval must be reconsidered
14 August 2021  Dan Andrews’ pledge to end logging threatened by rising Allied wood-chip monopoly. Michael West Media

28 July 2021 "Chipmill’s move closer to monopoly must be stopped" – conservationists 
18 April 2021 Logging Eden: NSW south coast forestry dominated by potentially illegal wood-chipping
by Harriet Swift | Michael West Media

12 April 2021 Almost 100% woodchips from post bushfire logging of Eden Region native forests
16 March 2021
Logging must not resume on the South Coast
19 February 2021
Legal Action Launched Against Council Consent for Eden Woodchip Mill Proposal Following Bushfires (SEFR)
2 February 2021
Logging industry exemption from Australia’s main environment protection law must end
14 January 2021
Taxpayer gifts to the woodchipping industry (Letter to the Editor, Eden Magnet)


3 November 2020 Bushfire grants to the Eden chipmill “a tragic waste of money and opportunity.”
5 September 2020 Call for halt to Yambulla logging
29July 2020 Call for transparency on chipmill DAs

29 June 2020 PM's visit to the Eden chipmill Letter to the Editor, AFR
26 June 2020 Woodchipping. Letter to the editor re Scott Morrison visit to chipmill
21 June 2020 Forestry jobs - response to AFPA (Tumut)
12 June 2020
Conservationists urge stronger federal protection for forest wildlife
13 May 2020 SERCA submission to Bega Valley Shire Council on chipmill DA application.
6 May 2020
SERCA says to ‘no’ chipmill expansion
10 March 2020
Logging in burnt South Coast forests starts this week - worse than “normal” logging
15 February 2020 50 years of woodchipping have made the region's forests more fire prone
11 February 2020
With 80 per cent of South Coast forests burnt- now is the time to end native forest logging
21 January 2020
Business as usual is not an option - logging must not resume before the fires are even out


10 December 2019
Forest groups call for halt to logging in drought and bushfire crisis
29 November 2019 Logging while NSW burns  (with David Shoebridge MP)
28 November 2019 Eviction Notice handed to Eden chipmill owners on 50th Anniversary of woodchipping
18 November 2019
Questions for chipmill to answer
13 November 2019
Woodchipping is South Coast’s Adani: 50 year scorecard launched
11 October 2019 Record new low price for woodchip logs revealed in Parliament this week
26 September 2019 “Right to Farm Bill” aims to criminalise woodchip protests
22 August 2019
Senate Committee warned, new logging laws may mean worse outcomes for forest wildlife
9 May 2019 Open letter to all Eden-Monaro candidates
Poll flyer -
Forest and Wood Products Aust. Community perceptions of Australia's forest, wood and paper industries. August 2018. Draft
1 May 2019 Labor forest policy more threat than promise
15 April 2019
Voters warned to expect a barrage of fake news from the logging industry in Eden-Monaro election campaign
12 April 2019 Marginal seat polling shows environment a key issue for federal election

22 February 2019
New report details loss of social license for native forest woodchip industry
18 February 2019 Make up your mind, Norm!
18 January 2019
Lack of Commonwealth accountability means forests destined to go the same way as rivers
9 January 2019 New Eden Wood Supply Agreements “fudging” the truth

6 December 2018
New Regional Forest Agreements signal move to lower value products and less protection
1 December 2018
Renewing Regional Forest Agreements "a huge mistake"
14 November 2018
Native forest logging has lost public support
19 September 2018 Woodchip logs “given away” – new figures reveal
1 August 2018 Conservationist dismay at new native forest wood project for Eden chipmill
20 August 2018
Logging adds to fire risk. Letter to editor
7 June 2018
Conservation protest: native forests are not a ‘magic pudding’
30 May 2018 Submission to Inquiry into the Provisions of the Forestry Legislation Amendment Bill.

30 May 2018 IFOA "consultations" - new logging laws
7 May 2018 South Coast Koalas Ignored in new Strategy
22 February 2018 South Coast spotted gums sacrificed for Victorian over logging

16 February 2018 
Woodchipping industry needs an exit strategy, not another RFA
13 February 2018
Protest at Eden forest “drop in”
30 January 2018
Regional forest campaigners say consultations a “sham“

24 October 2017
Parliamentary question reveals one in four trees logged for firewood
3 May 2017
Forest campaigners welcome Bill to give public right to prosecute logging law breaches
2 April 2017
When simply being "legal" isn't enough (letter to BDN)
21March 2017 Op.ed article for International Day for Forests 2017
March 2017. Saving our Species. Submission to OEH Review of SEP 44
14 February 2017
Chipmill help - what has the Government got to hide? .

4 December 2016
New Annual Report reveals yet another native forest logging loss for Forestry Corporation
1 December 2016
Woodchip vigil and truck count at the chipmill corner
11 November 2016 No joy for woodchippers in forestry statistics: comment on ABARES Australian forest and wood products statistics: March and June quarters 2016

5 October 2016 Call for Government to come clean on chipmill aid 
29 September 2016 "Full Steam Ahead"
Eden chip mill repair work financed by undisclosed internal sources (report in Eden Magnet)
31 July 2016
Can temporary loader save the woodchipping industry?
14 June 2016 
Chipmill wants a Blank Cheque
11 May 2016 New report on native forest logging gives “thumbs down” to Eden woodchipping

21 March 2016
Independant report backs SERCA call to end subsidies to native forest logging
21 March 2016
Media Alert International Day of Forests at the chipmill corner
1 March 2016
Forest campaigners welcome Coastal Flora Reserves, but there is a downside

16 December 2015 New chipmill owner should end native forest logging
2 November 2015 (Nethercote/ Nullica logging) All logging always adds to fire risk

16 October (Sawmiller supports logging) He would say that, wouldn't he?
31 August 2015 Nullica Logging the other story. Letter
19 August 2015
Letter: Banning Environmental Court Challenges to Development Projects
27 July 2015 Woodchip logs flogged for record low prices 
9 May 2015 Letter to the Editor: Renewable Energy Target
13 March 2015 Rebutting Timber NSW Spin on Costs

23 December 2014
NSW Forestry Corp accused of cover up on native forest logging losses
17 November 2014
Protecting Forest Carbon begins at Home, Mr Hunt
29 August 2014
Warburton gives Green Tick to “Dead Koala Power”
3 August 2014
Conservationist wins case for woodchip supply contract; no legal requirement to keep on logging
2 June 2014
Woodchipper again blocks information release
13 May 2014 SEFE should close now. Enough is enough, Nippon Paper!

8 May 2014
“Dirtiest, deadliest and dearest” burning of native forest wood is now officially “renewable” energy in NSW
29 April 2014 SEFE makes third loss in 3 years
23 April 2014 
Open Letter to Andrew Constance MP, on his appointment as NSW Treasurer
30 March 2014  It’s Official: Fourteen Years of Forest Failure
5 March 2014
Prime Minister’s speech to loggers “bizarre”
7 March 2013 (AFCA) Burning Native Forests for Electricity.  What an Energy Policy! Welcome to NSW, Circa 1800

3 December 2013 NSW Taxpayers Bankroll Native Forest Logging by $15 Million; Call for Minister to Act
9 October 2013 Logging National Parks will not help South East Woodchipping Industry

September 2013 Coalition’s Late Release of Forest Policy to avoid Scrutiny of Subsidies and Permissive Environmental Law
1 September 2013 
Woodchip Complaint could help Chipmill close
15 August 2013
Bega gathering says NO to “Dead Koala Power”
31 July 2013 (SERCA)
“One Stop Chop” Regional Forest Agreements’ failure has broad lessons
29 July 2013
Forest bioenergy burning plan not just about "waste"
14 July 2013
NSW opens door for replacing Woodchips with Energy Industry
14 June 2013 “What news do you want to read?”
24 May 2013
SEFE makes another (bigger) loss
15 May 2013 Letter to the editor - Logging in National Parks
7 May 2013
Mainland Australian Forest Conservation Groups appalled by Tasmanian Forest Law
21 April 2013
Japanese Forest Campaigners visit South East Forests
21 March 2013 
Government Closes Door on Native Forest Wood Fired Energy
21 February 2013
Chipmill Pellet Plant Scrapped
11 January 2013
Truth about Woodchip Contract could “wind up Eden Woodchip Export Business”

21 December 2012 Chipmill is living on borrowed time - conservationists - Response to today’s announcement that South East Fibre Exports (SEFE) will not close (for now)
27 November 2012
Forest campaigners welcome news that Chipmill Power Station is officially a ‘dead duck’
23 November 2012
Protesters “wave goodbye to woodchips” to launch Nippon Paper blitz
28 October 2012 South East Forest groups "not unhappy" at Collapse of Tassie talks
21 July 2012 Open Letter to Mr Daniel Tuan, Regional Manager, Forests NSW: Logging in Tanja State Forest
15 May 2012 Bermagui Forest Defenders in Court tomorrow

9 May 2012   State Forest Corporatisation “Bad for Taxpayers and Environment”
2 May 2012 Eden Woodchipping in the Red
22 April 2012  Federal Koala listing “Not Enough”

19 March 2012 Forest Furnace bid Fails
19 February 2012
Bermagui Forest defenders get reduced fines
17 February 2012
Who pays for the forest ferals to sit up tripods?
7 February 2012 Third time lucky? Speech notes. Bega Valley Shire Council decision on Eden chipmill wood pellet plant.

2 February 2012
 Bega MP, Andrew Constance biggest Beneficiary of Logger Donations
17 January 2012. Speaking notes for address to Bega Valley Shire Council for the wood pellet plant at the Eden chipmill
13 December 2011 Woodchipper protest "bizarre." Letter to Bega District News
20 November 2011 Chipmill Dioxin claims backed by State Government Document
6 November 2011
Better a guinea pig than a guinea pig with a penis defect
28 October 2011
Woodchipping is NOT good for koalas
9 October 2011 Last
Mumbulla Forest  Defendants “Not Guilty”
12 July 2011
Japan’s biggest paper company fails to silence forest campaigner
10 July 2011 Carbon Tax threat to chipmill power station
July 2011 Japans biggest paper manufacturer takes on forest activist
14 June 2011 Council takes less than 5 minutes to open door to wood based energy industry

24 May 2011 Address by Harriett Swift to the Bega Valley Shire Council Eden woodchip mill Pellet Plant DA2011.35 Lot 16 DP 1066187

8 May 2011 Chipmill accused of “high handed arrogance” on Pellet Plant

2 May 2011
Letter to the editor Why are we importing loggers?
20 April 2011 Report Shows Woodchippers Exporting More for Less Profit


19 December 2010 Wood pellets “even worse than woodchip power”.

24 November 2010 South East Woodchipping loses almost $5million a Year

23 November 2010 Woodchippers in Court Protest
1 November 2010 Forest Defenders Win Court Change
25 October 2010
Letter to the editor. Woodchip Logging is wrong whether it’s legal or not

17 October 2010
Forest Activist becomes Chipmill Shareholder
16 October 2010
Letter to the Editor, Eden Magnet Recent spate of rule breaking in forestry reply to Mr Vince Phillips of South East Fibre Exports
11 October 2010
 South East support for Tassie stand on forests grows
24 September 2010 Reply to Ivor G. Williams
22 September 2010 Question Mark Over Power Station

7 September 2010
Forests NSW “heavy handed” approach to blockade fines
23 August 2010 Buying votes from the woodchipping industry doesn’t work – forest campaigner
22 August 2010
Did Tony Abbott's visit to Narooma increase The Greens & Labor votes? Letter to the Editor, Narooma News Weekly.
For joint media statements during the 2010 federal election campaign, see:
30 May 2010
Woodchip power station approval "secretive"
29 May 2010 Letter to BDN  Reply to Peter Rutherford (Mumbulla blockade)
29 May 2010 Letter to Merimbula News Weekly Reply to Peter Rutherford. Use of paper
6 May 2010
Loggers union tries to exploit koala crisis
April 2010 Logging rules stop more koala finds
14 April 2010 United Call with Traditional Aboriginal Owners for NSW Premier To Intervene

9 April 2010 Greens MP Lee Rhiannon and Chipstop -Mumbulla koala blockade success, target Keneally

8 April 2010
Friday could be crunch time for koala logging
"Dead Koala Power"
4 April 2010 “Dead koala” electricity shock for visitors
1 April 2010
KOALA WOODCHIP STANDOFF _ SOUTH EAST FORESTS NSW Will There Be a Resurrection Easter for Koalas?
1 April 2010 Response to Mr Vince Phillips on koala logging
31 March 2010 Joint statement with Lee Rhiannon MLC:
Koala habitat logging blockade back on. 
26 March 2010 The National Interest. ABC RN The burning issue of bio-energy hits Eden Peter Mitchell CEO SEFE and Harriett Swift
18th March 2010
Conservationists furious at green light for koala forest logging
8  March 2010
Speech to public meeting Tathra Hall by Harriett Swift
4 March 2010 Machinery Moves on South East Koalas  -
Premier Must Intervene to Stop Confrontation
23 February 2010  Stop koala forest logging


23 December 2009 Forest fraud (letter in Canberra Times)
7 December 2009
Logging nominated for waste prize
1 December 2009
Who is Greg?
17 November
Anti-woodchip signs go
25 October 2009
Tuckey's fat-headed forest fiction
9 October 2009
Chipmill misrepresents ACCC decision
21 Sep 2009 Bermi logging shows wildlife protection laws not working

23 August 2009 Big fight ahead for local conservationists with passage of Renewable Energy Bill
22 August 2009 Woodchip values - letter to the editor
17 August 2009 "Don't vote for woodchip power" - Kelly told
4 August 2009 Conservationists to not support Eden chipmill wood fired power station.


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